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Bicycle Longmont's Annual Holiday Bike Program
  • Updates are posted frequently on Bicycle Longmont's Facebook page.

  • For instructions on how to volunteer, see below.
  • To Donate,  please  follow these  instructions:

Please consider a donation to help us continue it in the future.  $11 gets a kid a refurbished bike and  new helmet.  $22 helps 2 kids  this  Christmas Season.   Be sure to include your employer's name on  check out for it to  qualify  for matching programs.


Please donate to the Bicycle Longmont Kids' Holiday Bike Program to help us purchase helmets and repair parts:


Bike Repair for the Holiday Bike Program


Thanks for your interest in helping repair bikes for Bicycle Longmont’s Holiday Bike Program.

Our repair shop is open 3 days a week and by appointment inside the Longmont Bike Garage at Twin Peaks Mall in the former SEARS Auto Center. 1250 S. Hover Road, Longmont CO 80501.

Hours of operation are:
Oct-Dec, Wednesdays; 4:00pm ‘til 8:00pm.
Sat & Sun; 10:00am until we get tired of working.
OR, Just show up. This is all very informal. Just do what you can, when you can during the open hours.

*PLEASE NOTE: Because  the Garage  is staffed by volunteers, hours  are NOT guaranteed.   Please excuse  us in this regard!

The bikes needing repair are inside the warehouse and readily visible as you walk in.

What you’ll find: We have cleaner, polish, rags, tires, tubes and other small parts for the repairs. There are some repair stands there. If you have one, please bring it and leave it for the duration, if you can. We often need more than we have available.

What you’ll need:
We have several starter tool kits, but, if you have bike specific tools, bring those and take them with you when you leave.

Bike mechanic skills are not needed.

Most bikes need cleaning and polishing and some air in the tires. Some will need a bit more work. There are volunteers with very good mechanical skills and experience who can handle the repairs that may be beyond your ability. All bikes must be rideable and safe and as attractive as possible when we are finished with them.

Regarding flat tires: If a tire is completely flat (there is no air inside the tube) assume it is a punctured tube and replace (don’t patch) it with a new tube.. If a tire has a bit of air in it and you don’t see any thorns in the tire, assume it is just low from sitting for an extended time and inflate the tire. Tires that are worn thru the casing should be replaced. If there is any tread, although worn, they are still good for our purposes. The bikes don’t have to be as perfect as you would keep your own bike… just safe and rideable and as attractive as possible.

When you leave, please clean up after yourself and straighten up the table tops. Put everything that you awau, particularly any tools that you see that were there when you arrived.

Questions? Call Kris at 303-834-8353. Thanks so much for your help!!!

BIG THANKS to our 2013 Holiday Bike Program Sponsors/Contributors: